Atos digital proportionals are revolutionary products with outstanding performance after years of research and development. Our New basic digital valves with analog command signal and USB port introduces a powerful mix of advanced characteristics: digital control at the price of analog one, free software download, rugged design and white zinc protection, IP66/67 water-proof, temperature range -40°C ÷ +60°C, software programmable parameters, and immediate plug & play feature.

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Digital Proportional Control
with AEB, REB, TEB & LEB

Atos axial piston pumps have been engineered for high-pressure industrial applications with low noise levels and long service life. These pumps are now being stocked in our York facility in variable displacements up to 90 cc/rev.

Atos North America is committed to providing these high-quality pumps at a competitive price with quick delivery.

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Atos NA now stocking PVPC Pumps
in up to 90cc/rev Displacement
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New Release of
SWK & SWC Software

The 2017 releases of SWK & SWC are now ready and include new 2017 Pricing, new Product Families, our new Cylinder’s sizing Tool and Application Check function.

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If you already have this software installed, you will automatically be asked to install this latest version whilst entering them; If you have not yet installed the software, you can do so now by clicking "Download SWK" below.

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Proportional Pressure
Control with RZME & RZGE

The cost effective line of ZE proportional valves equipped with cURus threaded solenoids will be extended to direct pressure relief (RZME-A-010) and reducing (RZGE-A-010) models, also produced in cartridge execution for manifold installation. They are the ideal product to challenge difficult markets like mobile and plastics.

Proportional Directional
Valves in DHZE and DKZE

Proportional directional valves in DHZE and DKZE are now available. This new cost effective line provides excellent performance at competitive pricing. They are equipped with cURus threaded solenoids and have the same corrosion protection characteristics and optional mobile connectors as DHE/DKE series 20.

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