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Atos S.p.A. & Atos North America: The Acknowledged Specialists in Electrohydraulics

Atos is a global leader in the manufacture of electrohydraulic products: precision components used to integrate electrical and hydraulic systems in motion control applications.  Founded in 1957, the company has a long history of manufacturing components that are rigorously tested and highly reliable.  Our products conform to international standards of design, quality, and safety.  With an ongoing focus on technology, Atos has developed a complete range of modern electrohydraulic products for high-end industrial applications.

With headquarters in Sesto Calende, Italy, and operations in all major world markets, Atos has a strong coordinated global approach and integrated business structure.  The company is vertically positioned through strong investment in machine shops, foundries, assembly divisions, and systems integrators.   As a result, Atos has the capabilities to handle all aspects of applied electrohydraulics.  Thanks to a management team focused on quality and innovation, Atos consistently produces electrohydraulic components that lead the industry in a variety of metrics.  In fact, their adaptability as a lean manufacturer has allowed the company to realize lead times and quality standards ahead of industry norms.  While a global company in reach, Atos S.p.A. strives to understand its customers and tailor their regional approaches to that which meets the needs of their local customers. 

Atos S.p.A. Headquarters
Via Alla Piana 57
21018 Sesto Calende Italy

(T) +39-0331-922078
(F) +39-0331-920005

Company Data

Consolidated turnover
€ 100M

Personnel Total

Annual Production
> 1.5M Components

Audited by PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Board of Directors

G.F. Crespi

Vice President
P. Crespi

Managing Director
A. Carbonatto

M. De Simoni
B. Pedrini