Digital Servoproportionals
Power unit conforming to 2006/42/CE
P/Q Digital Servopump

Electrohydraulic Systems for Foundry

Rugged technology for dusty & stressing environments

High operating temperatures, non-stop production cycles and strong presence of fine siliceous powders make foundry one of the harshest and demanding working ambient of the industrial panorama.

The latest developments of Atos electrohydraulics (hydraulics+electronics), allow to set up advanced automation systems able to reduce the presence of manpower in dangerous and extremely stressing working positions. The Fieldbus programming interfaces available on integrated digital electronics (CANopen, PROFIBUS DP, EtherCAT and POWERLINK) facilitate the integration of proportional controls to the machine, improving performance and  diagnostics.

In fact the traditional hydraulic systems, ideal for such ambients  thanks to the isolation of the hydraulic circuit from the surrounding environment, are now integrated into sophisticated electronic controls that enhance the drive motion performances of the foundry machinery and plants, with consequent improvements of productivity and efficiency.

Atos system division have matured a long-lasting experience in manufacturing hydraulic power packs and systems for foundry applications, such as:

1)  Tele-manipulators (Fig. 1) for the shakeout and handling operations of heavy castings. The electrohydraulic performs the combined control of motion and force of the machine axes with high dynamics and precision, simplifying the system architecture;

2)  Rollover stripping machines with automatic synchronization of stripping cylinders’ and speed control of the roll-over phase through high dynamic servoproportionals (Fig. 2);

3)  Integrated systems for the control of tilting speed in Tilting furnaces, through meter-in proportionals, overcenter valves to counterbalance the load and emergency drives for the automatic return in the safety position.

The Hydraulic Power Units (Fig. 3) are designed in compliance with International safety regulations and manufactured according to the Machine Directive 2006/42/CE and supplied with a technical handbook and the Declaration of incorporation.

They are featured by suitable constructional engineering (such as stainless steel reservoir)  and hydraulics components (with Viton seals) able to withstand high temperatures up to 60 °C and to operate with fire resistant fluids such as HFD, HFD-U, HFC

Specific design solutions are adopted to avoid fluid contamination by fine particles and generous sized cooling and filtering units ensure a proper contamination rate and fluid temperature.

The reduction of power consumption is taken in particular care by fitting “Energy Saving” systems, where the hydraulic power generation is supplied by axial piston servo-pumps with proportional alternated P/Q controls (Fig. 4)