Handling equipments for marine terminals and offshore applications (transfer + jacking of vessels, oil platforms, mud tanks etc) demand precise motion control solutions able to withstand low temperature and aggressive environments.

Atos manufacture compact and robust jacking systems with four digital servo-drives synchronized by a control unit integrated into  a IP 65 rugged stainless steel console.

Each servo-drive consists of:

•     ISO 6022 round heads servocylinder with built-in magnetostrictive transducer and load cell. High strength materials and specific guide rings are used for low temperature and high radial forces
•    Power pack installed on-board-to the servocylinder with sealed stainless steel reservoir
•    Rugged digital servoproportionals with alternated closed loop controls of position, speed and force

•     Proprietary control firmware for a precise synchronization of the four servoactuators with “barycentric damping” function for the compensation of oscillations during the load motion.

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Atos jacking system