Atos “rugged” electrohydraulics is largely used for the automation machinery in foundries, steelworks and rolling mills, thank’s to its capability to withstand the toughest environmental conditions such as heat, dust and vibrations.

High dynamic servoproportionals perform combined control of speed and force with high precisions and repeatability in rollover stripping machines, tele-manipulators for castings handling and tilting furnaces.

Atos hydraulic systems and power units are designed and manufactured according to International Safety Regulations and Machine Directive 2006/42/CE. They adopt smart solutions to avoid fluid contamination and special material and seals to withstand temperatures up to 60 °C and operate with fire resistant fluid (HFD, HFD-U, HFC).

Axial piston servo-pumps with digital P/Q controls perform significant energy savings.

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Power unit conforming to 2006/42/CE